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Generic or Run of the Mill?


Imagine sitting through a long business lunch, in someone’s cramped conference room, going through so many agenda items that no one gets to eat. It’s a never ending meeting, with lots of discussion and debate. Once it’s done, you’re still starving. So you bring home your sandwich in a plain white take out box. You know it’s yours because someone kindly wrote “Turkey and Cheese” on the top. And it turns out to be, hey, a pretty good sandwich. Unfortunately, you are so tired from the day that you can’t even recall where the food was ordered from. Since the restaurant did not have a logo on its take out box, you won’t remember.

In complete contrast, if you buy deli meat from the Garden of Eden, every time you take a single slice of cheese out of the refrigerator, you’ll be reminded of where you purchased it from. Because any time a customer purchases food from this deli, items are customized with the Garden of Eden logo.

The United States has one million stores, not just in malls, shopping centers or the recent “town centers” that have been springing up of late. Retail stores are even found in airports and office buildings. Stores are everywhere you turn, with countless restaurants in every town. I’ve personally been to hundreds of stores down the Jersey Shore alone, and over the years, got to know pretty much where each is located, what their industry is, and how that business is doing, even if they are not our account. One of our long term Shore clients since 1970, B&B Department Stores sells beachwear, beach supplies and accessories, pretty much anything you need for the beach. The family-owned chain has passed through several generations, but has remained true to its brand and that is reflected in its shopping bags and customized tote bags.

This is the bottom line: If your packaging has nothing special about it, how does your retail establishment or restaurant separate itself from the dozen of brick & mortars on the same block?

Packaging is not a concept that exists on its own. Packaging is not just a design thrown together without forethought. Rather, it’s part of your brand, your company image, what you are trying to convey, what you stand for, what consumers can expect. All of that, in a nutshell, goes into packaging.

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