Making the Catch

Written by Bill Tanzer


Ever go fishing? You can choose to sit back and relax, plopped comfortably on a boat in the midday sun, leisurely waiting for the line to bite. Or you can be aggressive, using luring tactics and techniques geared towards what’s in the water that day. When it comes to fishing, it’s a personal preference and what works must work for you. When it comes to business, sitting back and passively waiting for customers to find you is a surefire way to sink your ship.

Black Friday sales topped $11.4 billion, with Thanksgiving Day weekend shopping seeing $52.4 billion in transactions in-store and online. Did retail establishments take a passive approach, waiting for consumers to hopefully stop by and perhaps purchase an item or two? No, there was a glut of aggressive advertising, promoting sales and particular products. And the consumers came, in droves, with each shopper spending an average of $398. Despite current unemployment levels, retail sales actually increased sixteen percent from last year.

I’m not just stating the obvious: as the seasons change, we adapt. Unless you feel a great urge to experience frostbite, cold weather generally sees the return of warm winter clothing. Businesses that do not adapt to the times do not survive, whether large or small.

On a similar note, At The Movies, a show that has seen generations grow up, is a sneeze away from getting canceled, if not already. Why? Are movie reviews no longer needed? Can’t say that, as consumers will still read reviews to learn about new films and make decisions about which movies to watch. But that information is readily available online, at a moment’s notice, with instant feedback from numerous fans in the comments section. The message is not dead, but the medium is, in this specific example.

Adaption is critical to survival.

I’m not talking about changing core values or practices that help your company grow and flourish. I’m not talking about changing niches on a moment’s notice because it’s the trendy thing to do. I am talking about augmenting a product or service that the marketplace demands, and upgrading your performance to improve the consumer experience.

Here at Packaging Specialties, we have thrived on offering solutions to our customers, fulfilling their packaging needs for more than six decades. Over the years, we’ve built many long-term relationships with thousands of small businesses in retail and restaurants and other industries across the United States, all from the ground up. Back before text messaging, instant downloading, and even dial-up.

In this day and age, it’s impossible for a company to ignore the internet, either the power of the platform or just the convenience to consumers looking for a new supplier. Simply having a presence is a MUST for most firms, regardless of what products are sold or what the company offers.

So I am happy to say that as we head towards 2012, Packaging Specialties has a new and improved e-store. We recently renovated our website to make online buying a more efficient, user-friendly experience, as we continue to expand our business relationships offline. If you ever have any suggestions for our website, feel free to contact me directly. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season and make that catch.

December 8, 2011

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