One For the Books

Written by Bill Tanzer


Ever judge a book by its cover? It’s not metaphorical, most marketers will agree that consumers make quick judgments by the outside image.

Customized packaging always takes this into account. The right image captures the public’s eye, not turns it away. The right image complements your products, not negates the theme or contradicts your company’s mission. A cosmetics shop offering an array of makeup in assorted bright colors is probably not going to showcase its products with a gloomy grey shopping bag.

The perfect packaging is also a perfect fit for YOUR business, appropriate to YOUR products, whatever those may be.

Packaging is not the be-all, end-all in this world, but it certainly makes a difference to customers and sometimes a big difference directly to the bottom line. As one example, the grocery-chain Kroger experienced sales growth after repackaging its poorly performing store-brand products.

And, in this season with Mothers Day, Fathers Day and other holidays coming up, it’s ever more important for retailers to be ready with the best packaging. Remember, customers not only expect attractive packaging, but gift boxes and shopping bags on hand as they begin their shopping.

March 15, 2013

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